Unexpected Sex Alert!

Last night I headed over to Spanish Dave’s (not Spanish but anyhoo…). We have been hanging out since I got back but just as friends. I mean this has been totally unspoken but he hadn’t tried anything and I sort of got the idea that he might have been seeing someone.

I went over to collect some stuff I’d stored at his but we ended up watching episodes of Bob’s Burgers lying on his bed. Dave’s apartment constantly looks like a bomb has been dropped, and I itch to start cleaning up every time I go round, but yesterday he’d done some laundry and a bit of tidying up. I could actually see some of the floor in his bedroom and the sheets smelt lovely and clean.

I had an inkling that Dave was feeling a little frisky as he isn’t well known for linen laundering- not that he is dirty as such- just a bit of a boy (36yrs old) His apartment is littered with computer games, books and magazines. I’m gagging to order a whole storage solution unity thing from Ikea and organise all that shit.

Anyway we went out for a burger, the direct result of watching Bob’s Burgers, and had a cool evening just chatting and wandering about. By the time we came back to his it was pretty obvious I was staying. It’s weird because we’ve already slept together several times but I felt nervous, at the same time as feeling totally comfortable.

We watched some more Bob’s Burgers and then listened to Pearl Jam on Pandora. It was as if we’d been together for years. Especially in the way I used his toothbrush and we both just stripped off and climbed into bed. We had sex to Led Zeppelin- ordinarily one of my dream scenarios but I did feel a bit rushed- Dave is good but a little rough.

That said, with the exception of the filthy hallway, I really have been through a bit of a drought so my god did I feel better afterwards. It’s weird how you can forget how good sex is for a while whilst you’re wandering around eating cake and drinking tea a lot. Dave has been doing loads of martial arts training so his arms and legs are like rock (as was his cock). Sorry, I had to do that. It rhymed, and it’s true. He’s got a bit of a tummy on him but that sort of thing never really bothers me. I felt a lot better than when we last slept together and I felt really out of shape. Not saying I’m rock but I’m a lot less jelly.

He just likes to bite a bit and is a fan of pushing my legs behind my ears. Even with the yoga and pilates I’m still not the most flexible. He doesn’t do sandpaper but he does jump in too fast. Why such a rush boys? The longer you wait generally the better it is for us girls. I don’t know is it just me? I don’t think so- it’s a complaint I’ve heard a few times. A quick nipple tweak, a couple of bites and then hand straight down the pants. Sometimes I don’t even have time to enjoy any of it before I’ve be numbed by rough hands.

But I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy myself, just that there could be some improvements.

Spanish D got up at 7am to go to some martial arts thing that involved pads and stuff. He said he could say ‘screw it to the class and stay home and screw you a few more times instead’. I don’t think my answer of ‘does that mean I have to be awake?’ was very enthusiastic. I’m just not a morning sex person unless it involves me just lying there, bonus if I can keep my eyes closed too.

I think I may have given SD the wrong impression as he texted after he left to ask whether I’d had a good time- I replied to say of course, and that I love hanging out with him- which is true but I feel that a chat about what is going on is on the way. Friends with benefits? Cool. 



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