I’m on some sort of thirty-something adventure. I’ve left rural England for The Big Apple to search for a life- rather than fame and fortune. Also I’m constantly on Husband Watch which is kind of like Neighbourhood Watch but with less old ladies involved…..

Based in Brooklyn, in the ghetto, my blog is about every day life here- the trials and tribulations of an unpaid nanny- and my every night life- the quest for fun, frolics and the ever elusive Mr Right.

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Key to blog guffs

The Lovebirds- my bro and sister in law- married a year, expecting my first nephew before Christmas. Two of my most favourite people in the world.

Essex and Mr Essex- some good friends of The Lovebirds.

Elise and Captain Kirk- I live in their house in return for looking after their 8yr old son.

The Kid- the 8yr old, very intelligent but very hard work. Has ADHD.

Avelyn and Rose- my utterly delicious nieces back home whom I miss soooooo much.

M&D- the rentals. Totally mental- currently going through a surreal separation.


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    Jul 27, 2011 @ 10:48:29



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