The one I couldn’t help myself but reply to….

This message came in whilst I was away in Texas over the weekend. BTW- some hot men wandering around Austin.

This is from a guy with a very dull short profile, who is himself rather lacking in height and is wearing a hat in both his pictures. This spells bald to me. Not so bad eh? Maybe a little unimaginative with the words, not tall and minus hair, but please take a look at his opening message to me.

  • hey, you looking good;) wanna pound you really good..mmmm


  • ME-
    May 17, 2012 – 5:49pm

    God, I can’t think of anything worse…..
  • RAY
    May 17, 2012 – 11:11pm

    Well, you would not say that if you know how good i fuck .. i ll make your pussy all creamy 😉 mmmmmm babyyyy lol… 9 inches cock here babe.. you probably dont like big cocks???
    For gawd’s sake Ray…. seriously?

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