Where I get lost, end up at Cheers but Woody Harrelson wasn’t there…

So I went out last night, into Manhattan, to meet up with Steve, the personal trainer with amazing tattoos. Steve was the one I totally forgot to meet up with last Monday.

I apologised profusely and he forgave me. I said the beers were on me and we’d arranged to meet at a bar in NoHo that was close to where he was working.

Normally I don’t agree to meet in the city on a weeknight because of the travel time etc and trying to get an early night to be awake for the baby. But I felt this time I owed Steve for standing him up.

I had to send him a quick email to say I was late (surprise, surprise) leaving home and would be there at half eight instead of quarter past. I got there just after nine.

There are two Broadway Stops. East Broadway is not Broadway-Lafayette, and if you get off at the former it will take you a good 25 mins to get to the latter.


I’m an idiot.

I arrived at this almost empty bar which was nothing like Cheers. Steve had gone. I sat and drank alone, wondering how my life had got to this. In my imagination in this sort of scenario I would make friends with all the other lonely losers and we’d have a gay old time. In reality the lonely losers looked like they might smell and stared at me as if they were imagining what I’d look like tied up.

I got lost on the way home too. I stopped in a Rite Aid and asked the way. Error. There is a reason these people work in Rite Aid. They have no idea what is going on in the world. 

I had to use the toilet in McDonalds so I stopped, had a cup of tea and read my book for a bit in the hope I would chill out, actually manage to read my map (yes, I had a map) and my feet would stop hurting.

Finally back in the right neighbourhood (why did I ever leave Brooklyn?) I went again into Rite Aid (never learn a lesson) and bought a pair of $10 gel insoles for my boots.

What a fantastic night. $30 lighter and nothing to show for it. Well, 1 pair of insoles.

I emailed Steve to let him know what had happened. I think we both agreed that maybe we should just leave it at that. 

It’s a times like this that I really rely on my ‘everything happens for a reason motto’. Maybe Steve would have killed me and actually my fairy godmother was looking out for me? Bollocks- basically I got stood up.


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  1. Gram
    May 09, 2012 @ 08:42:13

    That’s the saddest thing I have ever read.


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