Sexy Scooter Man… but will he call?

This Sunday I went on a date with S- the sexy scooter man.

Saturday afternoon had been spent at The Essex’s and was a boozy affair. I hadn’t seen them since I’d left in September so it was a good catch up. The Lovebirds came and the babies all got to meet which was adorable but then the wine drinking started in earnest. I, as usual, was pissed after the first glass and can remember drinking some hideous Campari based cocktail whilst scoffing pizza before beingbundles into a cab home around midnight.

So of course I was utterly hung over and sweating during this date. Not my best look.

SSM is 38, of Polish heritage and a lawyer. He also had a scooter which I would have ripped the piss out of had this been England but it’s actually a very good choice for NY. It was pretty powerful and it didn’t escape my notice that I was getting onto a scooter wearing a badly-fitting helmet with a complete stranger.

But after weeks of walking around it was cool fun, and it was a beautiful sunny day so we headed over to Red Hook, where you can look out across the water and see The Statue of Liberty. 

The only good thing about my hung over state was that I was concentrating more on trying not to fall asleep or be sick that I didn’t really have time to be nervous. I actually think he was a little bit nervous. I had some tea and then had caffeine induced verbal diarrhea where I went off on a rant about my Dad leaving my Mum etc. He was cool though, none of my waffling seemed to faze him at all.

We talked abut all sorts of things, I felt like I was keeping the conversation going more than him but he was apparently having trouble staying awake too as he’d had a big one on Friday and then had played basketball that morning.

Actually he told me a really funny story about getting stoned (something he does very rarely, so he says) before a concert and then pretty much blacking out the rest of the evening. Through friends and texts he found on his phone the next day he worked out that his ex-girlfriend of 6 months had arrived and he’d been so out of it he’d introduced himself to her and asked what her name was. I felt his pain.

He was very intelligent and funny but also quite quiet. Not that he didn’t talk lots but that he had a very laid back way of conversing. I can get very excitable and animated but he just seemed totally chilled out all the time. Something I think I like- or it could become a little annoying?

Our date lasted for seven and a half hours. We had lunch, walked around Red Hook, drove back to Cobble Hill, went to have a hot chocolate, went to the cinema and watched Hunger Games (I loved it, he wasn’t as impressed), got asked to leave the cinema as we were just discussing having a nap and whether they’d find us and then went for a drink. It was a very good day. I felt quite comfortable with him, we sort of linked arms during the film in a gay couple way, and I definitely found him attractive. He is tall (over 6ft) with a very athletic body. Far more football than rugby but I like that. He has a very manly look to him from being part Polish I think, light-haired and fair skinned but not pale. His features are big,particularly his nose and eyes, and I really liked his hands too.

He told me a couple of embarrassing stories about getting crabs from a hostel in Prague and being really drunk and sleeping in a doorway. He said that he had this thing of always blurting out really embarrassing stories about himself- which, as some of you will know, is soooo me. Like the time I crapped myself, felt utterly mortified but then told an entire table of strangers a few hours later…. I told him that story too. Oops.

It didn’t feel like seven hours, it just felt like a nice Sunday hang out.

In fact as he dropped me off at home he said ‘thanks for hanging out today’ which now I think about it is a little weird. We both said we’d had a lovely day and he lent forward to kiss me. Ok, here comes the only bad part. He kissed me with lips closed. Not a problem you’d think, for a first date at least, except it went on for ages and I sort of tried to change it into a more open mouthed kiss but it didn’t work and then I felt odd. So I went from Fernando, with his tongue right down my throat eating my face off to SSM giving me a  1950s movie kiss, but with less passion.

I mean is it possible that he spent all day with me but just didn’t fancy me enough to want to kiss me? Maybe he was worried about his breath? Maybe he doesn’t do kissing on first dates?

I’m going slightly crazy here chaps, and could do with your words of wisdom because I haven’t yet heard from him.

Ok, so it’s only Tuesday but that was a extraordinary first date. Surely he should have texted or something by now. He did seem really into it (me) and he didn’t seem like the kind of man to play games. SO WHERE THE EFF IS MY PHONE CALL?!

I’ve arranged some other dates so I don’t collapse and start crying if I don’t hear from him at all but please tell me he will call right???



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