DateFest Wednesday

So I made a fatal dating error. I went out for a couple of glasses of wine before a first date. Fatal because who wants to meet up with a drunk woman? And fatal because was I then wearing wine goggles?

Bryan, 42

Attractiveness 7


Eligibility 6

Did I actually fancy him? Yes

I sooooo didn’t want to go on this date. Late afternoon I’d bumped into some friends of Mrs Lovebird- the sister-in-law who were having some wine outside a bar just done the road from home. I stopped to say hi and whadda ya know- I leave an hour or so later after two glasses of wine and some delicious olives. 

I’d also promised to cook dinner for The Lovebirds, but c’mon, who the feck thought that was actually going to happen?!

I literally had to be forced out of the house by Mr Lovebird as I really couldn’t be arsed to go. I had re-read the profile and looked at the pictures and couldn’t for the life of me remember why I had agreed to this date with Bryan- other than he’d asked me. I mean…. Bryan?

I turned up pissed, stinking of garlic olives, hair sprayed all over the place with dry shampoo, teenage style cracked nail varnish and too tight jeans on because the baby had puked on my other ones.

Tempting eh? Well Bryan obviously thought so…..

Never have I felt less attractive or prepared on a date but the casual look seemed to go down well.

We got on like a house on fire. He was very good looking, quite dark and hairy but in a good way, with a great sense of humour and good banter. He’s a musician so not scoring too high on eligibility, and he’s divorced but these are but small things to overlook… I liked his dress sense too. Casual and cool- a leather jacket, jeans and trainers but in a very english way. None of those big hideous white things square American men seem to love.

We had a couple of cocktails and talked about all sorts, family ummm stuff- oh whatever I can’t really remember but I liked him.

We went outside for a walk at his insistence but all I could think about was how much I needed a wee so we stopped into another bar where he door watched for me as there was no lock and then kissed me as soon as I came out.

I was really too merry right at this point to think about the hygenics of such a move, which I’m sure will upset Mrs Lovebird- (a campaigner against all forms of public germs) but it was rather nice if a little public.

We were out for a while- it was all good- as I’ve said I don’t really remember a lot of what we talked about. I do remember discussing his hair- which was quite long, dark and wavy in one of his pictures- and thank the Lord- he had had it cut a couple of weeks ago. Of course me in my drunken ‘honest’ state told him it was so much better but he should cut it even shorter….. I have found that men here have far more hair than English men. I’m not terribly fond of a male bouffant- are you?

So LSS- we snogged on the doorstep, he emailed this morning to say he’d had a great time and left his number for me to call him.

That, my men friends, is how you do it. None of this 3 day wait bollocks. Of course I won’t be replying straight away…. no need to seem too keen eh? 




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