DateFest- Monday

So to begin my week of dates I met up with Chris, 41.

Attractive 6


Eligibility 8

Did I actually fancy him? No.

His profile was hilarious. Really rude but in a funny way. He said he’d written it whilst really drunk for his own amusement and to scare away meek women.

That really struck a chord with me as my profile has been written with the same thing in mind. I mean I wasn’t drunk but I was feeling that same sort of honestness I get after a couple of glasses of wine, and so wrote things to purposely deter men looking for a sweet submissive partner.

It’s not that I wish to dominate my man at all, I am just fed up with meeting men who call me intimidating! I find it offensive and very boring. I seriously can’t see what is so intimidating about me except I know and speak my mind- and that’s all I need back. Honesty is the best policy and all that. I’ve found myself having he same conversation with all my past boyfriends, and I feel like a lot of women feel the same.

As a man if you’ve done something or are going to do something you think we’re not going to like DON@T BLOODY LIE ABOUT IT! Can you not see how that makes it 100 times worse?

So what if I disagree with what you’ve done/ are going to do- let me have the chance to actually state my opinion and I’ll respect you for it- even if I don’t like it. Hide it from me and I’ll feel betrayed, patronised, angry, hurt- (insert here long list of bad things). If we’re in an adult relationship we are never going to agree on everything but it’s much better to agree to disagree rather than to find out later I’ve been lied to.

Anyway. Rant over. I liked Chris’s honesty but I just didn’t fancy him. He was funny but the banter was a bit stilted as it felt like he was trying hard to be funny. It turns out things are not going so well for him right now. His Dad had brain cancer and he is looking after both his parents whilst running his father’s financial business too. I imagine he felt as funny as….. well cancer.

He was a gentleman too, he wouldn’t let me pay for the drinks and had great manners but I don’t think we’ll be meeting up again.

It’s funny how many men are on dating websites who actually have little or no time to date. So many of these guys are ultra busy, or with so much already going on in their personal lives. Maybe they are all here hoping to find a ready made girlfriend on date one or a willing fuck buddy but it felt like Chris just wanted someone to talk to. How sad that at 41 and 35 respectively, Chris and I spent the majority of our 2hr date talking about our parents…….


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  1. Beccca
    Apr 05, 2012 @ 10:18:28

    Great idea Feefs- a dating marathon. I’m hopeful for tonight (Thursday) .


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