Mark- dodgy family.

2. Good looking but short Mark.

We had some banter via email that went on a while and I had given up on him due to his late replies when he invited me for a coffee- but in his neighbourhood as he claimed I lived in the ghetto.

He was very good looking as his photographs had shown in his profile but not much taller than me. I’m 5ft 6″.

We had a good laugh and went for a nice walk round the park and then I made a major schoolgirl error and drank a glass of white wine (or maybe three) on an empty stomach.

Oops-  game over. We were snogging in a posh pub at 5pm on a Wednesday and then all the way to Kings Cross on the tube where I headed home and he went to meet some friends. Harmless fun eh? Well maybe not for the people on the commute home from work…

Then came the deluge of texts.

‘I need to see you.’

‘You should be in my bed right now.’

‘I’m in bed waiting, come over to mine now.’

‘When are we meeting up? I could make you…’

You get the idea? Between three and ten a day.

All a bit much for me so I backed off and said I really wasn’t sure when we could meet again. Oh except for the phone sex we had one night as I’d had a couple of wines again and was feeling horny.

I finally agreed to meet up with him again. Half an hour later I was leaving the pub in tears. It’s a long convoluted story as to how it happened but basically we fell out about his granddad being a paedophile. Yep, I shit you not.

I mentioned being proud of my granddad having helped build the tunnels for The Great Escape from Stalagluft 3 in the Second World War. He mentioned his granddad sexually abusing his mum but it was all ok now as he’d had some electric shock treatment. I believe I might have questioned whether one could be cured of such predilictions, like ever, and he kicked off.

He said, and I quote this word for word, ‘You been reading the fucking Daily Mail?! How fucking ignorant can someone be? What the fuck would you know about it? I’ve studied these kinds of things at university. For fucks sake!’

Very embarrassing for me and the couples sat either side of us who I’m sure heard every word. I cried as I do anytime anyone shouts at me and left.

He sent me a text saying, ‘That’s a shame. Sorry you got upset.’

I went and ate some dumplings, called my sister, then went home and got into my pyjamas.


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