The Drought is Over!

Yep- after 10 months- the drought is finally over. And God, do I feel better for it.

Spanish Dave- as he will now be known- turned out to be HILARIOUS!

He booked  a lovely restaurant- I was late- surprise, surprise, and when I arrived he was stood at the bar- wearing a hat. This is the second date I’ve been on with a hat-wearing man. I mean it’s a far cooler thing to do here in New York but still- the hat stayed on all night. Do people really eat dinner wearing hats? It appears here they do. So that was slightly off-putting to me, but then again I am very particular.

Our email banter had been great- really funny, so I was sure that we would have a great night whatever. My initial impression was one of disappointment. I didn’t really fancy him. He looked different. Less Spanish (he’s not Spanish- half Cuban) than his pictures and shorter and a little bit chubby. But I feel really mean saying that now because he turned out to be such a great bloke. These were my initial thoughts but he changed my opinion completely. The old saying of ‘he laughed me into bed’ was so true. There wasn’t a second of the evening that I wasn’t laughing, or preparing to laugh, or holding in wee because I was laughing so hard.

The food was great but our waitress was shit, luckily Dave was the kind of man who would join in me slagging off the waitress, not thinking I was just being a jealous bitch because she was hot. I mean, she was hottish– but she strutted around like she knew it and seemed to be bullying us into ordering more food and drinks, i.e not what you really want from a waitress. We were in the basement level in our own little candle lit corner and he was quite tactile quite early on but I didn’t really mind. I’ve got definite personal space issues but I really felt that he was totally non-threatening and if I’d said- ‘please don’t do that’- he wouldn’t have done- or been funny about it either. (Unlike Brad the drooler- more later)

Looking back I think I’d decided that I would go home with him about fifteen minutes in. He was a gentleman in  that he let me sit down first, he asked what I wanted to drink and then ordered it for me, he let me decide on what sharing plates we were having and all without looking like it was a massive effort like some blokes seem to do. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot but he was genuine and kind and not trying to show off or act all not bothered. He liked me and I could tell but I also felt that if I said- ‘thanks for a lovely evening’ and went home alone he wouldn’t be cursing me all the way on the subway for being a bitch or something.

I felt totally comfortable in his presence. He leaned across to kiss me during dinner but I said, in a very English way, ‘ooh no, not at the dinner table!’ And then later proceeded to eat his face off in the upstairs bar. This no-dinner-table-snogging is one of my main rules- but I always break it after a couple of glasses of wine. I hate to see couples out all over each other- when I’m single and alone mainly ha ha no, but just anytime- I think it’s unnecessary. And I think there is something cool about finding a dark corner or a doorway to snog in instead.

So to cut a long story short (too late for that now) we went back to his. The restaurant was in Manhattan so we got a cab back to Brooklyn. I don’t remember a lot of the journey so I imagine we were snogging the whole way home. Poor cab drivers, they must get that a lot. There was the drunken discussion of who’s apartment to go to. I said no to mine because I didn’t want to bump into Elise or Capt Kirk with a man in tow, and also because I hadn’t cleaned so the place was looking very studenty. Spanish Dave said no to his because he also hadn’t cleaned but I was pretty adamant and I get VERY adamant when drunk- so his it was. And when we arrived I realised why he had said no. The place was like a bloody squat. There was not a speck of carpet showing- every surface was covered in clothes, empty glasses, bits of paper, books etc. I seriously haven’t seen anything like it for years. Kim and Aggie would have a field day!

Of course in my inebriated state I went on and on about the state of it. Endless ‘oh my God, what the fuck happened here?!’, ‘this place is disgusting!’, ‘I can’t believe you would bring anybody back here!’ and so on and so forth. Then I demanded more booze (I only know all of this because Dave told me in the morning). The only alcohol in the house was Johnny Walker Blue Label (approx $200 a bottle) and I demanded that Dave stop being so boring and crack it open. Then I didn’t even drink it. I did say in the morning, when he told me all of this, that I was not under any circumstances to be listened to once past glass four of wine or cocktail number 2.

Apparently there was then some bedroom gymnastics (yeah I hate that saying too) but I remember very little and we both passed out not long after we got back to his. Now there have been times before in the dim and distant past when, in a similar situation, I have woken up in the morning only to think ‘oh God, where the hell am I? And why am I sleeping naked beside a bloke who is neither funny nor good looking?’ and I’ve then got up and scarpered. But this was a different feeling. I woke up next to him and laughed at the state of the place, and the fact that I could only open one eye, and the memory of having a drunken shower at 2am but being very careful not to get my hair wet.

You know sometimes when you kiss someone for the first time and it’s so amazing that you think it would be impossible for this not to translate well in the bedroom- and then they are shite and you are soooo disappointed but not bothered enough to try to do some teaching? Well this was the opposite. It’s not that the kissing the night before was bad- just a bit too enthusiastic for my liking (but then we were both drunk) but when it came to the actual act of sexual intercourse, as I and scientists like to call it, he knew his stuff.

It was still pretty enthusiastic- I’d been in the desert for 10 months, as had he for 4 months, so we were both pleased to be getting some- even if very hungover and swapping a lot of bodily fluids thanks to the humidity. It certainly wasn’t film sex- it was more crack den sex, due to the state of the place and the state of us, but I’d defo give Dave 8 out of 10. He was somewhere rock and disco- meaning that his tool was not huge but very nicely crafted and as I’ve already said- he knew what to do with it. My performance was a little bit ‘lazy hungover woman’ but I think I got away with it.

We spent the next couple of hours attempting to make his apartment even messier, with some very ambitious positions, and then went for breakfast. I learned that he is in a similar situation as his Dad also went off with someone considerably younger than his Mum and younger than Dave’s older sister. But his Dad has also married this person and started a new family. His niece and nephews being older than his Dad’s new kids. Oh Dad- sort your shit out. We talked about all sorts- his last breakup- I asked- with his ex-girlfriend, they became more friends than anything but I still think he is getting over it. My quest to stay in America and the things that I like/don’t like about NYC etc etc

He is a sensitive soul because he messaged me yesterday to say he’d spent the whole day cleaning- as had I- I DO listen to my own advice- and was feeling much better for doing it.

So, yes, all good- I’d like to meet up again. He is just out of a three yr relationship so it’s not going to be anything serious but I can see us being really good friends. I’d forgotten how much I liked this kind of adventure. I think I’ve spent too long concentrating on sorting my life out and trying to decide where to go next and I’d left my favourite hobby of casual sex behind. Bollocks to all those who say it’s not fulfilling, going to find the right person, good for your self esteem (?!) I really enjoy connecting with men on that level and it just being fun.

More random shagging please. The bitch is back!


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  1. tams
    Sep 05, 2011 @ 16:08:43

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmm……………………………………………..sounds good!


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