STFU (shut the fuck up)

There are three men outside my window- one of whom has defo just left the noisy mosque on the corner of my block- arguing about Jesus. At FULL volume. I can’t actually work out what is going on but it seems that the other two men were defending Jesus’s right to have a beard, or something. I mean there is very little swearing involved and it doesn’t appear to be escalating into violence but for fuck’s sake….. SHUT UP!

It’s 11.30pm and the children of the worshippers are still running up and down the street in scenes reminiscent of those all over the website. The little fuckers seem to think it’s ok to scream and shout and run in the road in front of cars because they don’t actually live here. I’m not saying I’ve actually wished one of them would get hit by a massive truck or anything but….

A couple of days ago I caught them within our front yard throwing pebbles and rolled up newspapers (!) at the window downstairs- behind which was one very pissed off dog. I mean the constant woofing is bad enough, without it becoming ear-splitting crazed barking and howls. He looked like he might try to smash through the glass at any moment.

I went outside and stood on the stoop whilst they all scarpered a couple of doors away and gave them my best evil stare. Got me nowhere. It was almost as if I was invisible. Youth today eh?

Why weren’t these children (some as young as 5) in bed and where were the ruddy parents? In the mosque. I say stop praying and teach your kids some manners.


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