It all seems to be going along nicely too…

Just had a phonecall from a very groggy sounding M. She took a sleeping pill apparently but then woke up at 2am and couldn’t get back to sleep.

The worry that woke her? The thought? Not ‘Oh my God, my husband of 40 yrs has lost the plot and run off with a 30yr old’ (Fuck me. Just realised their MARRIAGE is older than her, the crazy skank!) But rather what the hell to do about their joint business that D is now saying she can have.

Ah, what a kind man eh? Except it comes with a pile full of debt and worry. What a bloody wanker. Yes my Dad, a wanker. And he’s now saying he has dealt with his responsibilities because he has worked there whilst M has been off with a cast on her leg/foot/ankle for over six months now. Nothing anyone says seems to get through. As far as he is concerned, he has done his bit and now he’s off to Canada. Yes, Canada.

D has always had this friend that is a bit of a joke in our family. Talks shite, makes up bullshit about how much cash he has- has children he rarely sees, always has some younger girlfriend who inevitably works out he is just a bit of a knob.

I’m sorry to do this to you but I think you need to understand what we are dealing with here…

So yeah, D is leaving to go to Canada to work on a dilapidated house whilst the fat man films him. D seems to think somewhere in this foolhardy plan, from two men old enough to know better, he is going to make his fortune.

Ummmm- watch this space. I think I need some vodka…..


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