The Search Begins.

Pretty much as soon as the plane touched down I launched into my new way of dealing with the lack of MAN in my life. I’ve decided finding a suitable husband should be looked at in the same way as finding a job/house/new handbag. The more you research and look and road test these things, the better chance you have of getting it right.

So I told the Love Birds and all their closest pals- plus Mrs Love Bird’s Mum- a mightly cool lady of 50- who looks younger than me and is funnier than most men I know- and sat back to await the many dates I was sure they would have in store for me.

They all racked their brains pretty hard. I could hear the cogs whirring. Of course they all know a few single men here and there…. but a single man they would entrust to me? That could be a different matter.

Slowly but surely they have set to work. There was the fireman. Hot, butch, tattooed and suddenly not single anymore. (Just like to point out here this was before he met me- he didn’t imagine a girlfriend to get away from me.) There is the very wealthy man- we are still waiting to hear back but I’ve got to pretend I don’t know about the millions (poss billions?) but that won’t be too difficult as it really isn’t money that drives me.  There are several more friend’s of friends on the cards but these things seem to take a little while to set up.

I’ll keep you posted on all of the above.

Meanwhile I decided that seeing as the couple of set-up-by-friends dates I have actually been on  have been mega disasters- one saw me end up in therapy whilst the other turned out to be like a teenage boy in bed- that maybe I ought to make more effort personally.

Back home the last thing I would have ever done seriously was interweb dating. I’ve checked out a couple of sites in England but never found anyone I’ve thought was worth paying the fee for, let alone meeting up with. It does seem that it’s more accepted over here. It’s difficult to meet people in a big city and if nothing else- it’s a great way to make new friends.

So, justification over, I set up a profile. With pictures and everything. You answer a series of questions that you hope will make you sound interesting and witty or if you’re a bloke you answer them hoping ‘I just want a shag’ doesn’t come through too loudly.

I WISH I could show you some of the pictures on the site. Some men seriously need help. But to be honest there are a lot of good looking, successful men out there- and if you believe their profiles- looking for a long term relationship! Yeehah!

So why do I attract the weirdos?!

Tomorrow starts the run down of the weird and wonderful messages I have so far received. Even if I don’t meet anyone I really like it will most certainly have been an ‘experience’ as my Mother would say….


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