Sorry for the delay chaps….

Ok, so first things first. Apologies to my hundreds of fans out there- eagerly awaiting the next thrilling installment….. I’ve had a massive spanner thrown in the works.

I mean- it’s not every day that a single, 35 yr old woman decides to up and leave her comfortable, if rather dull, English existence to move to the other side of the world on a quest for excitement- and far more importantly- a handsome and wealthy husband, now is it?

You would like to think that the aforementioned young lady would have the full support of her friends and family. Yep- here was I jetting off, making a big leap but with the backing of my strong and close family.

So you can imagine it was a bit of a shock to be told little more than a week after arriving that my parents 40yr marriage had just exploded. Not to go into any details- I’m going to save it for my appearance on Jeremy Kyle- but this is so far removed from my family’s usual behaviour that it has taken me a little while to talk my head into stopping spinning.

Fun. With a capital fucking F.

Now it’s a little difficult to tell what I’m really feeling about all my new experiences etc as everything- most especially the search for the husband- seems to have been tainted by news from home. And no I don’t give a shit, Mother and Father, if this shocks and upsets you in any way. Decorum is all I have to say to you both.

So stay tuned for some hopefully happier posts- including photographic evidence of the japes and frivolity…..


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